The Dangers Of Undermining Your Child’s Reality

Don’t Undermine Your Child’s Reality, Do This Instead Reframing your child's perceptions and feelings can change his reality

One huge parenting fail is undermining a child’s reality. Most parents, either dismiss or invalidate their child’s perceptions. They fail to understand that their child is a thinking, feeling entity, completely separate from them. And [Read More]

Functional Scoliosis: The Other Factors That Cause Scoliosis Defense Mechanisms: Transferring Our Past Onto Our Present

Defense Mechanisms: Transferring Our Past Onto Our Present Unhealed childhood trauma unwittingly plays out in our adult relationships

Growing up in a dysfunctional home, one had to adapt and adjust to the chaos all around.  Subconsciously, we adopted coping strategies or defense mechanisms to survive our abnormal situations. Often these habitual patterns of [Read More]

Scoliosis and Deviated Septum – How Our Breath Shapes Us The Truth About Power Poses: Can They Help Tackle Scoliosis Unravelling The Cognitive Dissonance In A Toxic Family Different Curves – Understanding Spinal Misalignments What You Need To Be Aware Of To Heal From Childhood Trauma Liminal Space-The In-Between Period From Old To New Self The Insula’s Interoceptive Role In Scoliosis Development