Scoliosis and Fascial Biotensegrity

Idiopathic Scoliosis and Fascial Biotensegrity Scoliosis treatment has to take into consideration our spine is encased in an interwoven web of fascial fibre

Fascial biotensegrity is usually overlooked when treating scoliosis. The so-called experts in scoliosis still use crude methods based on archaic knowledge of spinal alignment. They see scoliosis as simply a curved spine that can be [Read More]

Treating Scoliosis With Botox, The Role of Acetylcholine Changing How Your Brain Neurons Fire and Wire Who Is Responsible For The School Shootings?

Who Is Responsible For The School Shootings? The Texas school shooting raises questions about responsibility, who is to blame

The recent horrific, shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas raises the pertinent question of responsibility. Who is responsible for the senseless massacre of 19 students plus 2 teachers? Since 1970 there have been 2052 [Read More]

Feeling Stressed and Anxious, Blame It On GABA Bioenergetics: The Body-Mind Approach To Healing Scoliosis Looking-Glass Self – How Core Beliefs Affect Our Mindset

Looking-Glass Self – Our Core Beliefs Affect Our Mindset Our perception of how others view us affects our psychosocial development

Those early interpersonal interactions with our primary caregivers are the building block of identity formation.  They are the look-glass through which we form our core beliefs (lovable/good-enough or unlovable/defective) which in turn molds our mindset(mental [Read More]

Proprioception Deficits In  Idiopathic Scoliosis Processing the Grief and Rage of Not Belonging

Processing the Grief and Rage of Not Belonging Having a sense of belongingness is an integral part of our psychological well-being

An integral part of feeling human is that sense of belongingness. We are innately programmed to want to belong to something/someone beyond ourselves.  At the core of belongingness are acceptance, support, and protection. Prolonged lack [Read More]

The Dangers Of Undermining Your Child’s Reality

Don’t Undermine Your Child’s Reality, Do This Instead Reframing your child's perceptions and feelings can change his reality

One huge parenting fail is undermining a child’s reality. Most parents, either dismiss or invalidate their child’s perceptions. They fail to understand that their child is a thinking, feeling entity, completely separate from them. And [Read More]

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