Scoliosis and Fascial Biotensegrity

Idiopathic Scoliosis and Fascial Biotensegrity Scoliosis treatment has to take into consideration our spine is encased in an interwoven web of fascial fibre

Fascial biotensegrity is usually overlooked when treating scoliosis. The so-called experts in scoliosis still use crude methods based on archaic knowledge of spinal alignment. They see scoliosis as simply a curved spine that can be [Read More]

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Shapeshifting and Scoliosis – Transforming Into A New Self Healing scoliosis entails not just external changes but deep internal mind shifts

Shapeshifting is a common storyline in mythology, folklore, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction. In most native cultures, particularly Shamanism, the Shamans are touted to be skilled shapeshifters. They have the ability to change into whatever form as [Read More]

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