10 Parenting Behaviors That Harm A Child’s Developing Brain

10 Parental Behaviors That Harm A Child’s Developing Brain Parenting is all about neuroplasticity, how we relate to our kids wires their brain

A child’s brain and body are not fully developed at birth. Besides, food, water, and shelter, a child needs attuned relational care of another human being. Unfortunately, many parents are still clueless as to what [Read More]

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Self-Doubt – Avoid This Toxic Parenting Legacy Self-Doubt limits our potential and destroys our mental health

As parents, we hope our child will be confident and successful. However, even the most well-meaning parents inadvertently and unwittingly instill the self-defeating mindset of self-doubt onto their child/children. This toxic legacy is a big block [Read More]

How Parents Can Prepare Their Child For Preschool Getting your child ready for preschool is vital for learning outcomes

Preschool is an important step in your child’s life. It is your child’s first foray into the world alone. And this nonetheless shapes his/her view of the external environment for life. Preparing for this transition [Read More]