Memory Reconsolidation: Shift Trauma Memories To The Past

Memory Reconsolidation: Shift Trauma Memories To The Past Transformational change entails making peace with our traumatic memories

Memory reconsolidation is an important aspect of trauma healing. Remembering, accepting, making sense, and shifting those painful memories where they belong – in the past. You don’t forget traumatic memories, however, it moves into long-term [Read More]

Change Your Schemas, Change Your Life Transforming Our Trauma Response Personality  Treating Scoliosis With Botox, The Role of Acetylcholine The Elusive Key To Healing Trauma – Attachment Security Changing How Your Brain Neurons Fire and Wire Feeling Stressed and Anxious, Blame It On GABA When Your Child Develops Idiopathic Scoliosis… Bioenergetics: The Body-Mind Approach To Healing Scoliosis Looking-Glass Self – How Core Beliefs Affect Our Mindset

Looking-Glass Self – Our Core Beliefs Affect Our Mindset Our perception of how others view us affects our psychosocial development

Those early interpersonal interactions with our primary caregivers are the building block of identity formation.  They are the look-glass through which we form our core beliefs (lovable/good-enough or unlovable/defective) which in turn molds our mindset(mental [Read More]

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