MindShift – Overcome Your Past Fearful Negative Reality Strategies to overcome your mind program of fear & negativity

Most of us have not been lucky to have had good mirroring when we were growing up. We were constantly admonished, reprimanded, undermined, forced to submit to the dictates of the adults in our lives. The fear of God and fear of the boogeyman was drummed into us.
Our greatest fear is ‘what will others think.’

MindShift Overcome Past Fearful Negative Reality
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Fear Blocks Higher Thinking

Fear drives the lives of a vast number of the human race. Moreso, if you grew up in a violent, abusive, rejecting environment. When threatened, your amygdala, the emotional part of the brain, which regulates the fight or flight
response., responds irrationally.

We are caught in an “amygdala hijack” or emotional hijack’.
Further, during an amygdala hijack the higher cortex of the brain go offline and we become reactive and irrational.

Our earlier programming comes into play. And fear fogs up our perception preventing us from seeing things clearly. Negativity, doubt, fear and anger become our way of relating to the world. And that only creates further problems and alienation from the world.
Your view of the world and subsequent relating with it is f**ked up by your past fearful negative reality.
Changing this mindset requires a mindshift.

Stay Away From Toxic Negative People

Emotions are contagious, stay away from people who are toxic and negative. The mirror neurons in our brain cause us to mimic the facial expressions of others due to emotional contagion. Research has shown how easy it is to “catch” other’s emotions, both positive and negative.
Upbeat emotions such as enthusiasm and joy, as well as negative ones, including sadness, fear and anger, are easily passed from person to person, often without either party realizing

Emotional contagion occurs unconsciously in a matter of milliseconds. It”s a primitive instinct over which we have little control.

Stop Giving A F**k

There is no right and wrong way. Sometimes things work out and other times they pan out. Learn the lesson and move on. Stop feeling unnecessary guilt or shame and get stuck in the fear loop of “what will other people think.’
Nobody really gives a damn, they are busy thinking about themselves. You are good enough, don’t fear about not fitting in. Everyone is on their own unique life path.

Do Different Things & Things Differently

Novelty is the cornerstone of brain change. When we do things like learning a new skill your mind is forced to focus on the present moment.

Mastery over a skill like carpentry or even something mundane like cooking helps us overcome our fear mindset that I am not capable. Small victories lead to major successes.

Belief In Yourself & Higher Purpose

Why we are here, is a question we all grapple with. Tusting that our lives have a purpose an doing our best with whatever cards we are handed.

Jesus said, ‘having the faith of mustard seed’ can make miracles happen.

Moreover, science has proved the healing power of belief. Faith, hope and belief allows us to leapfrog over our paralyzing fear mindset.

Bring In A Mindshift

As we move into the New Year we must be proactive towards moving out of our fear based negative reality.

Our past need not define us. Our biology need not become our destiny. Enough studies have shown that our brain is plastic and epigenetic changes are possible at any age. All you need to do is have a mindshift.

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