How To Heal Your Cellular Memory We need to release the negative experiences embedded in our cells to truly heal

To really heal our past we need to get to the core of our trauma. According to recent scientific studies, our experiences, good and bad get encoded into the cellular memory of our body. This means that the body reacts without our mind being able to control our actions.

Scientists are finding that cells and organisms record their experiences, all without the benefit of a brain.

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De-program negativity from your cellular memory to truly heal

When neuroscientists took a closer look at the brain cells, they found that even when the synapse was erased, molecular and chemical changes persisted after the initial firing within the cell itself.

Changing Negative Programming

Further, it could affect and modify the cell’s DNA. That’s the reason why you struggle to overcome your past. Negativity has been encoded into the cellular memory of your body.  Further, true healing happens only when change happens on the cellular level.

So how do you change this adverse imprinting of your cells?  You need to reboot your mind-body system from its negative programming. Your cells need to be de-programmed and then re-programmed with doses of positivity to really heal your cellular memory.  It is akin to the treatment for blood cancer, first totally zapping the cells with radiation or chemotherapy, then replacing the cells with healthy bone marrow, all this in a germ-free environment.

Stress-Free Environment

Healing will not happen if there toxic people around you. If after a very beneficial therapeutic session with your doctor/healer/therapist, you come back to a dysfunctional home that is chaotic, negative and traumatizing you will immediately regress back to point zero. When one’s immunity is down even the tiniest virus can affect our bodies. The same with our minds and cellular memory.

Years ago, I left my abusive home, to live with a man who I thought would be caring and supportive. Unfortunately, he turned out to be as emotionally abusive as my father. My mind and body were further destroyed.

Supportive and nurturing conditions are the most vital and overlooked aspects of healing. That’s the reason why most treatments fail. It is not that the treatment was bad, the container is simply contaminated.

So, if you really want to heal find a way to get out of a toxic environment/situation and cut the chords that bind you emotionally.

Zapping Your System

To get rid of cancer, radiation and chemo are used to totally destroy malignant cells. Same with your cellular memory.  Your cells must be zapped out of the negativity encoded in them. There are different modalities and therapies that can help you do that. You could explore talk therapy/psychotherapy.

However, you don’t need a professional therapist. Just having a loving, caring listener who will validate your experiences and feelings. Alice Miller has said “having an enlightened witness” sets off the healing mechanism in our mind and body.

Sound therapy and guided imagery meditation, hypnosis all transform the subconscious mind. I have found sound healing and guided meditation particularly helpful and beneficial. It really relaxes the mind.

Yoga,  massage, body-work, dancing or any other physical activity that brings in a surge of endorphins into your cells.

You could keep a journal and write about your painful experiences.  Explore and experiment with what works well for you. There is no one glove fits all.

Replacing With Positive

Once the cancer cells have been totally eliminated, new healthy cells are introduced through bone marrow transplant. After we have worked on our past traumatic memories we need to introduce experiences in our life that are positive and uplifting.

True cell level rejuvenation isn’t just about releasing the memories stored there. It is also about replacing that memory with higher frequencies. After you release disturbing cellular memories, the cells have to be imprinted with healthy emotional vibrations. If you just release your negativity without taking proactive steps to fill your life with uplighting things, experiences or people, the same patterns will be attracted back into your lives.

For those of us who came from abusive backgrounds, this is very, very difficult. Getting over our ingrained fear, helplessness, and lack of love is something that needs to be constantly worked upon.

Without a doubt, becoming a mother was life-transforming. It has helped ease the pain of being unloved and unwanted. That my child loves and needs me has caused a paradigm shift.

For those who are unable to find human support to boost their spirits, getting a dog or some pet is a perfect way to fill our need for company. Find a hobby you are passionate about, travel or volunteer your services. Furthermore, sharing our talents and skills fills us with loving feelings and boosts our confidence.

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that new beliefs of empowerment and love are the ideal way to change our cellular memory.

BRUCE LIPTON – The Wisdom of Your Cells

Our cells are constantly growing, dying and changing. We can keep our cells vibrating at higher levels by changing our thoughts and beliefs.  Removing negativity and filling our lives with positive and affirming experiences.

Loving-kindness to ourselves and to others is one of the best ways to keep our cells healthy and live a fulfilling life.


Image Source: Pixabay

Further Reading

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

The Science of Emotions by Fahad Basheer 


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2 years ago

I find it hard to change to the point I’m not sure if this is actually true or are some of us doomed no matter how we try and make effort to change.

5 years ago

Great post – I agree with all the above re how trauma gets stored in our body, nervous system and as patterns; how it’s possible to heal in many different ways; and how these approaches shift the patterns and also influence what comes into our lives and also help us make changes in our outer lives (taking actions in our daily activities, home and work lives is an important part of the process too)