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Claudia Conway Finally Got Her Parents’ Attention Claudia Conway's attention-seeking behavior was the only way to get her parents to pay attention

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia called out her parents for failing to care and pay attention to their kids. In her rage-filled social media rants, she announced she is seeking emancipation from her parents – Kelllyanne [Read More]

Bond of Brothers – Prince William and Harry’s Sad Split Prince Harry Is Not A Good Advocate For Mental Health

Prince Harry Is Not A Good Advocate For Mental Health Prince Harry needs to be aware how his behavior influences sufferers of mental illness

Prince Harry has become an uninspiring advocate for mental health. With his resources and family support, he could have been a great role model for those grappling with depression and mental illness. I was really [Read More]

Rocketman - No Longer A Victim of Love, I'm Still Standing

Rocketman – No Longer A Victim of Love, I’m Still Standing Elton John's biopic about healing and redemption is great movie therapy

I wasn’t expecting Elton John’s biopic ‘Rocketman’ to be so therapeutic. Though over the years, Elton John’s songs have been metaphorical reminders of my life. They have grounded me and kept me sane in the [Read More]

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