Microbes – Giving Your Child The Best Start In Life Teach Your Child How To Assertively Stand-up In The World The Dangers Of Undermining Your Child’s Reality

Don’t Undermine Your Child’s Reality, Do This Instead Reframing your child's perceptions and feelings can change his reality

One huge parenting fail is undermining a child’s reality. Most parents, either dismiss or invalidate their child’s perceptions. They fail to understand that their child is a thinking, feeling entity, completely separate from them. And [Read More]

Long-Term Benefits of Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids

Long-Term Benefits of Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids When a child is intrinsically motivated, they are more apt to succeed in the long haul

Kids who are intrinsically motivated have a greater chance of reaching goals and succeeding. Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes internally driven people as having autotelic personalities. They have a tendency to engage in an activity for [Read More]

Honing Critical Thinking Skills In Your Child Early Raising Anti-Fragile Kids: Teach Them To Have Plan B, C… Pay Attention When Your Child Says, ‘It’s Not Fair’ The Hidden Messages In Your Child’s Moods

Don’t Dismiss Your Child’s Bad Moods As Just A Passing Phase Effective handling your child's moods could protect them from mental health issues

It is common for parents to dismiss a child’s reactivity or non-reactivity as ‘oh she is in one of her moods” or ‘he is just going through a moody phase’. Believing in due course their child [Read More]

Why Understanding Your  Child’s Temperament Is So Important

Why Understanding Your Child’s Temperament Is So Important Parental goodness of fit is a key in the development of a well-adjusted child

One very important parenting skill is understanding your child’s temperament.  Knowing your child’s unique behavioral style as in the way he/she experiences and reacts to the world helps the parent-child bond flourish. Sometimes,  your child’s [Read More]

The Fine Line Between Tough-Love and Abuse
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