Treating Scoliosis With Botox, The Role of Acetylcholine Acetylcholine is crucial in muscle movement, neuroplasticity, and other important functions

Using botox to treat scoliosis seems like sheer idiocy. Isn’t Botox used for cosmetic procedures? So how does it manage scoliosis? It seems botox contains botulinum toxin that inhibits the release of acetylcholine (ACh)  in the neuro-muscular junction (NMJ).  The NMJ is the point where your nervous system and muscles connect.  And acetylcholine is the […]

When Your Child Develops Idiopathic Scoliosis… Be proactive in managing your child's scoliosis, with effort you can help stop its progression

Scoliosis causes your child’s spine to become curved, sometimes in a C or S or double S shape. When your child develops idiopathic scoliosis, don’t panic. Think calmly, weigh your options and make decisions in consultation with everyone concerned – doctor, child(patient), family. Managing scoliosis is a long-term project, it takes concerted daily effort to […]

The Role of Proprioception in Idiopathic Scoliosis Our sense of proprioception is critical to maintaining proper posture

Those of us with scoliosis have issues with proprioception. This means we don’t accurately know where their body is in space. This simple test will show how good is your sense of proprioception. Close your eyes and try to touch your nose with your index finger.  Unlike normal people, those with scoliosis, are unable to […]

Functional Scoliosis: The Other Factors That Cause Scoliosis There could be compensatory, postural, or pathologic reasons for scoliosis

Not all cases of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis could be due to ACEs or repressing of emotions. Sometimes the underlying cause could be functional which may often be overlooked. Functional scoliosis, also known as non-structural scoliosis could be compensatory, postural, or pathologic. Compensatory is when the body is compensating for something else like a difference in […]

The Insula’s Interoceptive Role In Scoliosis Development Interoception, that sense of how we feel in our bodies is processed in the insula

Since my article on the emotional fascia and its implications in the development of scoliosis,  I wanted to know how the fascia connects to the brain and which part of it. On researching,  I learned that the insular cortex or insula could play a big role in how we process our feelings – good and […]

Don’t Ignore Your Face When Trying To Correct Scoliosis Facial asymmetry is strongly corelated with idiopathic scoliosis

My face is not symmetrical. Repressing my painful feelings froze the right facial muscles into an asymmetrical distortion. This led to the development of scoliosis, and not the other way round. I find it irritating when scoliosis is cited as the cause of some malformation rather than that distortion causing scoliosis. However, as the traumatic […]

Connection Between Scoliosis and the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) The pineal gland is our inner fulcrum, connecting the mind-body-spirit

  Recently, a fellow scoliosis warrior wrote that her doctor told her that scoliosis is due to a malfunction of the pineal gland. That got me digging about the pineal gland’s connection to scoliosis. According to some theories, the pineal gland (third eye) could be a contributing factor in causing idiopathic scoliosis. To prove this […]

Scoliosis Is More Than Just A Spine Curved Sideways Spinal misalignments affects the proper functioning of our body and mind

Most normal people with straight spines are clueless about scoliosis. They see it just as a physical deformity, well like having polio. Scoliosis is more than just a  spine curved sideways. The spinal column is a complex mechanism of nerves, bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles. When your spine curves abnormally, it twists and compresses […]

Journeying Into The Unknown World Of Idiopathic Scoliosis Like Joseph Campbell's Hero, I went on a journey to find a cure for scoliosis

I have been living with idiopathic scoliosis for nearly 40 years. It probably began soon after my mother died when I was 11 years. Though, the effects only showed up 2 years later. Not surprising, considering the trauma I had to deal with besides the loss of my mother. It was trauma over trauma, that […]